Keyword planner tools

Keyword planner tools

Why plan your keywords?


When you are into blogging and posting at least 2 to 3 days a week in your blog ,sometimes you may run out of your ideas . Again sometimes may be you are a very passionate writer or a efficient professional in your field and want to document things as you do. So you post articles in your blog e.g. it may be technical coding, recipes, travel experience, photography shoots and so on without prior planning.

As a blogger this is a very common experience to find some of our posts not doing  well in spite of  promoting it on social media channels or even paid promotions while some of them readily rank in search engines and get displayed in the first page. The posts doing well , get a lot of organic traffic from different sources. So how can we bring consistency and eliminate the chance factor a little , the goal is to plan and focus on your keywords.

You may find the trending keywords related to a specific topic  or if you want to search the relevant or high ranking keywords  , you can use various keyword analyzer free or trial version  at least for the first time users.

Tools  to plan your keyword


I will be discussing about three tools which I use for planning my keywords though some posts, I may upload despite having low score just because I loved writing the article or loved teaching it or I have thorough knowledge about it or it is purely passion driven. If you decide not to plan your keywords then you may go for a keyword analysis tool which I am planning to discuss in my next article.

Let us first understand the metrics or the measurements used for judging the keywords

Keyword Difficulty score or competition score:


This metrics is represented in percentage and can depict how difficult is the keyword to rank in the search engine. So you need to choose a keyword which has a lower competition or difficulty score. It is dependent on the domains which contains posts on this specific keywords and how strong the domains are with respect to the number of backlinks they have.


 Search volume:


This is represented by  a number which changes dynamically depending on the average number of times a search query containing the specific keyword is searched in the search engine. It can also be represented by average number of searches per month or in some tools  by a trend line showing the increase of decrease in search volume over time


Suggested bid prices


The Keyword Planner provides a suggested price to bid on keywords in AdWords. It acts as a representation of the value of these keywords in the search engine.


How we can check keyword traffic by anyone free tool?


For planning your keywords through this free tool ,you have to create a google Ads account specifying your domain details. This is used to create Google ads to promote your posts but can also be used as a keyword planner , the monetary value of the keyword , the competiotion score and monthly search volume is displayed by this tool

google keyword planner
Home page of Google keyword planner






Researching the keyword prawn recipe





google planner
Researching the keyword in your specific domain
  • Google trends

    It is a tool which shows you the growth of search volume for the specific keyword over time and the trends of the keyword. It shows a graph representing the growth or decline of interest for that specific keyword. I have included some interesting trends showing growing trend and seasonal trends of specific topics. Also the trends of the keywords related to the specific search  are represented by a rise percentage growth and breakout.  If you see “Breakout” instead of a percentage, it means that the search term grew by more than 5000%.

Google trends
Google keyword planner Home page
google trends
Trends of the search term “Prawn recipe”


python coding
Growth of the Search term “Python coding over time” which shows stable and increasing interest over time


diwali recipes
The trend shows only seasonal spike only during festival


Hoth is a keyword planner tool which is used to find high volume keyword with low competition score

Hoth Keyword planner
Hoth Keyword planner home page
Hoth Keyword research
Hoth keyword showing the results of “Jalebi recipe” showing a fair volume and low competition score






VidIQ is a chrome extension free keyword research tool which can be downloaded ,added in your chrome browser and accessed for analyzing your keywords for YouTube videos. You can also get suggestions and recommendations regarding your specific keyword research and access keyword trends on upgraded paid version. Add this to your chrome extension and search the keyword you plan to make video with. Analyze the search volume and competition score already discussed above. It also give a overall score which indicates the opportunity of your keyword , this should be above 40 for maximizing benefits,

VidIQ home page
VidIQ home page

Keyword research vidIQ