Entity Relationship model case study

Case study

“Saboo-Car-Rental-Services” is a car rental showroom ,who want to automate their business.
They offer different types of cars on rent as small car,SUV,MUV.
Each type of car has the maximum seating available and the tariff per kilometer.
The management wants the system to show availability of the number of cars of each type for serving the inquiry.The system should have a provision for booking the car.
Before the booking is made ,the customer needs to provide personal information and driving license details.
Booking is typically stored as booking date,date of rent,duration in hours and type of vehicle.
Once the booking is done a unique booking number is provided to the customer for their reference which they need to produce at the time they come to collect the car.
A new transaction record is created for each booking after the car is returned,specifying the kilometers used and the amount to be paid ,date of payment.”


Cross language interoperability

How does a program gets leaded and executed in Dot Net framework?(CLR)

Loading and execution of programs:

It is the responsibility of CLR(Common language Runtime) to load the concerned class containing the source code from the memory and with the help of the respective compiler, compile the source code into an intermediate machine independent language called MSIL(Microsoft intermediate language).

Dot net framework supports working with multiple programming languages (Cross language inter-operabilty); to transform the source code to MSIL.

  • The CLR requires the metadata containing the information of the project concerned to determine which compiler it requires.
  • After the information regarding the compiler is obtained with the aid of Metadata Engine the concerned classes referred by the program are loaded from the Base class Library and linked with the application.
  • The program execution is dynamic with JIT compiler(Just in time) i.e. the classes are instantiated only during run time.
  • The Just in time compiler is responsible for transforming MSIL to machine depended code for executing the program in the target machine.

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